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Onions & Taters

Quick and dirty project for the kitchen.

We have been looking for a better way to store produce in the kitchen and try and make use of some dead space behind the door.

My father-in-law 'found' this Ikea CD tower and asked if it would work. A few quick measurements and it seemed like it might. F.I.L. brought it over and we cut out a notch for the baseboard and added an angle bracket to the top to hold it securely.

Diane found some clear polycarbonate trays that fit perfectly and would work for most of the hand fruit.

The problem was storage of onions and potatoes since we buy those 5lb at a time. The trays didn't hold enough and things wound up on the floor.

I had been playing with finger joints on the laser cutter and though this might be a good test project. I had a scrap of 6mm Baltic birch plywood and after a few test cuts I was ready to go. The laser cut the boxes in less than 20 minutes and after some glue, sanding and several coats of poly...

The birch is close enough in color and grain to the Beech that unless you really look everything matches.

Next up - banana hook!

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